Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Stylish and sleek design. High precision. Quick and safe installation. Long Lifetime.

All AV Stumpfl Fixed Frame Projection Screens feature a stylish design, unequaled life time, highest precision components with certified materials. 5 Year Warranty included. Projection installation perfected.

What is a Fixed Frame Projection Screen?

A display solution that perfects the projected image.

Fixed frame projection screens have similar roots like mobile projection screens from a technological perspective: High precision extruded aluminum frames create the basic structure which holds the projection surface. Fixed frame projection screens are optimized for optical appearance and quick and safe permanent installation and depending on the application the client may choose between a variety of different surface materials. Our Fixed Frame Projection Screens are used in a variety of applications such as:



Where Fixed Frame projection screens go.


Corporate Buildings


Home Cinema


Education & Training

Why AV Stumpfl?

Designed and manufactured in Austria. Lowest total cost of ownership. Best service and support.

 Since AV Stumpfl is a family owned and operated business we act with a long term strategy. AV Stumpfl mobile projection screens have to meet strict requirements which we defined based on our 40 years of field experience. Beyond our technical expertise and our special source materials we have also developed our own machinery for metal component and vinyl processing since no machine available on the market met our operating requirements.

We have two primary systems in our fixed frame projection screen line up. Please see the products below to determine which system suits your requirements or check the possible applications to get inspired. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects to discuss!


The perfect surrounding.

Decoframe are top-quality and highly attractive fixed frame projection screens that are available for every image format, for both professional and private uses. Decoframe lends an elegant and professional appearance to your home cinema, conference room or any other permanent installation leaving nothing to be desired. Our unique surface attachment solution with hooks ensures a homogenous surface tension. Decoframe projection screens can be made to measure in any aspect ratio.

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Purely the picture.

Have you ever thought of an invisible projection screen? No borders. No depth. Fullwhite makes the picture float in space. This pure design product is very popular for flying screen applications but features numerous different mounting solutions. Multiple Fullwhite® projection screens can also be connected to create projected walls or cubes. Fullwhite® projection screens can be made to measure in any aspect ratio.

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