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Our PIXERA media & control systems such as Media Servers, Multi Display and 3D Mapping Software  are used in a variety of applications. Whatever your media production, presentation or control requirements are our systems are made to help you getting your project become reality.

What are Media & Control Systems?

We say these Media & Control Systems are hardware and software solutions for audio visual events and installations. That is a rough definition but let’s look at the different applications where those systems are used for example:


Where AV Stumpfl hardware systems go.

So now what products groups are we talking about?

PIXERA Media Servers

Robust. Stable. Powerful. 

A number of different applications ranging from live shows and events to interactive and themed attractions use Media Servers. These devices can do more than just playing back media: They are used for content production and show design, interactive live presentations and control of a variety of different devices and systems. 

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Media Production. Media Playback. Touch Control. Digital Signage. 3D Mapping. Show Control.

Our software engineers are working hard in researching, developing and improving our software packages which drive our integrated systems for live shows, themed attractions and museums. Our PIXERA software is packed with technology ranging from Media Server operating systems, media production and presentation software to control logic, touchpanel control software to Digital Signage solutions.

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Projectors and Displays

Premium quality third party products.

We have close relationships to the leading manufacturers for digital projectors and displays and our experienced team can give advice for choosing the right devices for your application.

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Why AV Stumpfl?

Designed and manufactured in Austria. 40 years of experience.
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Developing and manufacturing has always been our passion that drives us so why not offering our technical expertise to the public? Creating something unique is a challenge which we like. In addition to a lot of standard out-of-the-box solutions we have a huge toolkit for creating special solutions. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects coming up.

Our Service starts now.

There to assist.

Are you looking to find the best solution for your requirements? Do not hesitate to contact our product specialist team to discuss your projects. Our product line up is wide and our field experience huge. We are ready to help you finding the optimum solution.

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